november07There is something I have noticed a lot of pet owners
take for granted: putting pet identification tags on your pets. A lot
of dog owners love to accesorize (like myself!) and immediately get an
ID tag for their pet upon adoption or ownership– Spot can wear a
little purple star name tag to match her purple leather rhinestone
studded collar-!? How could I resist! Never underestimate the power of
an ID tag for your pet. Many people are very confident in the fact
that “Their dog is so well trained, they don’t need to worry about him
wearing an ID tag… Or leash for that matter!” or “Their dog is
always by their side, and I know his name, so why does he need a tag?”
You never know what is going to happen in life. Something could spook
your pet, catch his attention, or another animal chasing your pet
could cause him or her to start running. Pets can disappear
unexpectedly… sadly, reality is, people even kidnap pets nowadays.
Keeping a collar and an ID tag on your pet at all times with it’s
name, Or at least your name, and number can be LIFE SAVING. Whatever
contact information you feel comfortable putting on there is crucial.
There have been many times I have come across dogs on the street who I
can pretty much tell have a home and have for whatever reason wandered
off, yet there’s no contact information on it’s collar! Microchips are
great, but do not skip the physical I.D. tag. Some people are not
aware of microchips, and even if they are, it is much easier to see
and grab an ID tag yourself than coax the pet into your car, drive it
to a veterinary clinic or shelter, and have it scanned. (Though, if
there are no ID tags, this is the right thing to do for sure) It is so
easy and helpful to put the information right there around their
neck… whether it be on a small plain silver dog tag because you
don’t want your dog to be too flashy….or a pink heart shaped tag
with sparkles on it for those of us who like a little glitter on just
about anything 😉 Some companies can even embroider your info directly
onto the collar. Please don’t skip this step when considering the safety of your pet. Our Santa Barbara and Sonoma pet sitters will recommend a pet ID tag on our visits if we notice they are absent during our pet care because it protects both of us!

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