It’s the most wonderful time of year and we all know holiday time
means travel time! Be sure to book your holiday pet sitter(s) for pet
visits or overnights as soon as possible to ensure we can care for
your needs as best as possible.
Establishing a relationship with a well trusted, caring, (not to
mention fully insured when using The Pets Pal!) The Pets Pal pet sitter is one of
the BEST things you can do for your animals. As fun as the holidays
may be, the good times this time of year are often accompanied by a
lot of stress… Boarding your pets in kennels can be extremely
stressful, especially to the more sensitive dogs such as puppies or
older pups. More often than not the same goes for cats. Sometimes
boarding is your only option and in that case there are many reputable pet care
facilities… But nothing beats the comfort of your own home in Santa Barbara! Hiring a
trusting pet sitter to come to your home also doubles as a house
sitter (The Pets Pal Pet Sitters water house plants, takes your garbage and recycle out and brings in your mail!!)
What’s really great about finding a pet sitter you and your
pets adore, is that they are always there for you (upon booking
availability) to step in and take over in a moment’s notice! Once you
find a sitter/walker you like, your pets will establish a bond with
them and they become familiar with your home and your pets’ routine…
Leaving you with the ease and comfort of knowing your animals are in
some of the best caring hands. Definitely beats the stress of
over-crowded, loud, overwhelming dog kennels… And with one-on-one
care in your own home, you are assured that your pet is getting 100%
of the care givers attention.

And with all that being said, please- don’t be shy and Keep up with
our FACEBOOK PAGE! Here we can all connect, share stories, photos–
whatever you want, within the Pets Pal community right here at our
fingertips thanks to the good ol’ internet. Connect with Sunny or even
other sitters. 🙂

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