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IMG_8983A Happy Dog is a Tired Dog!
Dogs need exercise the same way humans do. The thing is, we can decide when, where and how we want to exercise… but our dogs rely on US to make these decisions for them! It is up to you to make sure your dog is well-exercised each and every day. We understand many people work for most if not all of the day or have other responsibilities, and that is where The Pets Pal comes in! We can walk your dog on a set-schedule, a few days a week or even every day for a reasonable rate.
Daily exercise is Key for a Healthy Dog
It is so incredibly important for your dog to be exercised and tired out EVERY SINGLE DAY. A dog is an animal, & although a domesticated animal, many were bred to WORK. For example, corgis, border collies, and central asian shepherds have been bred for herding, Labrador retrievers were bred for hunting… Dogs have actually been MADE to exert a lot of energy, ALL THE TIME! It is in their DNA. Sitting around at home or even outside in the backyard is not adequate. Dogs need (& want!) to be out and moving. Even the cute small breeds need their exercise- size does not matter. They deserve to explore the world and not be limited to the outdoor space of just your yard…We understand that for some people’s schedules, this is the best that you feel you can do, but Daily exercise is a must for good health, well-being, a healthy body weight and most of all…peace of mind! – for your dog AND for you!
…& A tired dog is a well-behaved Dog
When a dog is unable to exert their pent-up energy, behavioral issues and problems arise! If a dog is not being exercised regularly, it results in anxiety. Anxiety in dogs is often expressed through bad behavior, such as excessive barking, chewing or destroying objects around the home and over-excitement. An anxious dog is also usually a very uncooperative dog- i.e. A dog who doesn’t listen to your commands very well, if at all! This is extremely frustrating for the pet owner, as well as the dog. With all this energy built up and not being exerted, your dog doesn’t know what to do with himself! When a dog is tired out after a walk, even if just a nice 30 minute stroll around the neighborhood, they are calm, relaxed and at ease.
Do it for yourself, do it for your dog – make sure he/she gets out for some good exercise and fun exploration each and every day! If you cannot do this for your dog yourself, please, let us help you!

Call The Pets Pal Dog Walkers today to book your weekly walks for your best furry friend. We look forward to hearing from you and meeting your pet!

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