Have U considered fostering latley?

HomeBanner_4-0001As hard as it may be for us animal lovers to address this topic, it is one that could be easier to shed light on than most may think. . . . Please try not to let the statistics sadden you too much. Instead, read on- and see how there IS a Solution, these numbers can be brought down.couch

   7.2 million companion animals enter shelters nationwide each year. Approximately 3.9 million of those animals are dogs, and 3.4 million are cats. Each year, 2.7 million of those animals are euthanized, solely because they can’t find homes or families to call their own.

   Of course, the best case scenario would be for each and every animal to find it’s loving forever home. All of us pet lovers know how it feels to wish we could help. “If only I had the room in my home,” or “I would rescue all the dogs I could if I could afford to have more pets.” You don’t have to commit to adopting a new family member. You do not have to create more room in your home..permanently, that is. Realistically, this horrific issue could actually be resolved quite easily.
….what? Easy? What could possibly be easy about saving 7.6 million animals every year?
Before adopting, there is Fostering. Foster a pet and create a WORLD of a difference.
   It’s as easy as dog sitting a friend’s pet, only the deed done is even greater. You don’t have to commit to getting another dog or more cats to contribute to saving lives and lessening the numbers of homeless animals. Many pets are euthanized for the sole reason that there is no room at the shelter. So where else could they go? That’s where we the people, we the public, we the true animal lovers and the care givers need to step in.
  If you have managing your animals under control, why not take another in dire need under your wing for a few  days, weeks or months? Maybe you have a single dog who gets along great with other dogs and could use the “extended play date”- or maybe you have a dog who isn’t very dog friendly but you DO have the room in your home to keep them separated…! If you can and are willing and able, why hesitate? Step up and act now.  And if you are ready to help but could use an extra hand doing so… We The Pets Pal’s are here for when you and your own animals are in need; of course we could provide the same care/help for the pet you are fostering! Maybe you have the accommodations to foster but not quite enough time for more animals than your own? As our website states we are available for walking, overnights, pet taxi, administering medication…! Whatever it takes, animal care is our area of expertise. But it doesn’t take an expert to be able to temporarily foster a pet.masthead_image3_1368655682
    For a real-time example, I personally follow a New York City animal shelter facebook page- Second Chance Rescue- and too often they post photos of adorable, healthy, happy dogs who are on the euthanasia list for the next day – Not only because they have yet to be adopted or were surrendered, but EVEN MORE SO because they were not fortunate enough to have a Foster home to extend their time and chance at life. [I use a dog shelter as example, but don’t forget the kitties too!] In a lot of cases the shelter is even able to help with the cost of the care of the animal; They just need help with providing the animal the shelter, care and daily TLC <3
   How wonderful it would be to bring down the yearly euthanasia numbers by HALF, a THIRD… Even a QUARTER. Yes, some people may find themselves concerned that bringing a new animal into the home might rock the boat a little bit, put a dent in your families daily routine… But think of the greater good that would be accomplished. It is totally real, and completely realistic! If more people made fostering a part of their lives the numbers WOULD really drop. YOU can save lives by taking dog(s) or cat(s) off of the Euth list and into your home.. Giving them that little bit of extra time to find their adopters. Imagine that. Sometimes  just a few extra days could amount to a lifetime. Not only could you save lives but Relieve these animals of the [sometimes] stressful environments of the shelter. Some can handle it better than others, and we know most caring shelters are doing the best that they can. But some dogs/cats take so terribly to the shelter environment. Having a quiet loving home could save them their sanity and temperament, which only leads to a better chance of being adopted.
   As stated before, we are willing to help YOU help the WORLD. Because that is exactly what fostering does- makes a WORLD of a difference for an animal in need.HomeBanner_4-0001
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The Pets Pal and their favorite summertime snackin’ recipes!

We love our special human summertime treats – how about some home made goodies for your best furry friends!? These fun and simple recipes will keep your dog happy and cool – and if you’d like, don’t hesitate to get the kids involved in making them! Summertime fun for everyone!
[Recipes from doggydessertchef.com]teadogs
Frozen Peanut Butter Dessert Ring
This is a versatile treat, you could really add whatever dog friendly ingredients you’d like. Try other variations like blueberries, watermelon … Just make sure to use dog-healthy ingredients – NO GRAPES!
1/2 cup peanut butter
1 cup chopped fruit (I used strawberries)
2 tablespoons flax seeds
Blend peanut butter or water and pour into a bundt or cake pan
Add chopped fruit and flax seeds
Allow to freeze for 4-6 hours before placing in the grass for fun for your pups!
Sweet Potato Strawberry Chicken Cookies for dogs
1 sweet potato, cooked and mashed
1 chicken breast, cooked and chopped
1/2 cup chopped strawberries
1/2 tablespoon dried parsley
1 cup brown rice flour
Water – up to 1/4 cup
1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F and line a baking sheet with parchment paper or silicone baking mat
2. In a large bowl mix all of the ingredients, except the water, until well combined. If needed add water until dough comes together.
3. Once dough is well mixed, roll into 1/2 inch balls and place 1 inch apart on the baking sheet. Press down to slightly flatten.
Bake for 10 minutes, open the oven door slightly and allow the biscuits to cool in the oven.
Makes 2-3 dozen rounds.
2 ripe bananas
24-32 oz plain yogurt
1 cup peanut butter
2 tablespoons honey
1/4 cup water
1. Blend or mix all ingredients together until you have a consistent texture throughout.
2. Pour mixture into ice cube trays, cupcake tins, Popsicle molds or any small sized container that will yield a treat appropriately sized for your dog.
3. Garnish the top (optional) dog biscuits, grated cheese, fruits or veggies all work great and look cute too!
4. Freeze overnight and serve!
You can also substitute the water with chicken broth, or the yogurt with baby food like sweet potato or pumpkin! Get creative. 🙂
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A Happy Dog is a Tired Dog! Call The Santa Barbara Dog Walkers Today!

IMG_8983A Happy Dog is a Tired Dog!
Dogs need exercise the same way humans do. The thing is, we can decide when, where and how we want to exercise… but our dogs rely on US to make these decisions for them! It is up to you to make sure your dog is well-exercised each and every day. We understand many people work for most if not all of the day or have other responsibilities, and that is where The Pets Pal comes in! We can walk your dog on a set-schedule, a few days a week or even every day for a reasonable rate.
Daily exercise is Key for a Healthy Dog
It is so incredibly important for your dog to be exercised and tired out EVERY SINGLE DAY. A dog is an animal, & although a domesticated animal, many were bred to WORK. For example, corgis, border collies, and central asian shepherds have been bred for herding, Labrador retrievers were bred for hunting… Dogs have actually been MADE to exert a lot of energy, ALL THE TIME! It is in their DNA. Sitting around at home or even outside in the backyard is not adequate. Dogs need (& want!) to be out and moving. Even the cute small breeds need their exercise- size does not matter. They deserve to explore the world and not be limited to the outdoor space of just your yard…We understand that for some people’s schedules, this is the best that you feel you can do, but Daily exercise is a must for good health, well-being, a healthy body weight and most of all…peace of mind! – for your dog AND for you!
…& A tired dog is a well-behaved Dog
When a dog is unable to exert their pent-up energy, behavioral issues and problems arise! If a dog is not being exercised regularly, it results in anxiety. Anxiety in dogs is often expressed through bad behavior, such as excessive barking, chewing or destroying objects around the home and over-excitement. An anxious dog is also usually a very uncooperative dog- i.e. A dog who doesn’t listen to your commands very well, if at all! This is extremely frustrating for the pet owner, as well as the dog. With all this energy built up and not being exerted, your dog doesn’t know what to do with himself! When a dog is tired out after a walk, even if just a nice 30 minute stroll around the neighborhood, they are calm, relaxed and at ease.
Do it for yourself, do it for your dog – make sure he/she gets out for some good exercise and fun exploration each and every day! If you cannot do this for your dog yourself, please, let us help you!

Call The Pets Pal Dog Walkers today to book your weekly walks for your best furry friend. We look forward to hearing from you and meeting your pet!

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november07There is something I have noticed a lot of pet owners
take for granted: putting pet identification tags on your pets. A lot
of dog owners love to accesorize (like myself!) and immediately get an
ID tag for their pet upon adoption or ownership– Spot can wear a
little purple star name tag to match her purple leather rhinestone
studded collar-!? How could I resist! Never underestimate the power of
an ID tag for your pet. Many people are very confident in the fact
that “Their dog is so well trained, they don’t need to worry about him
wearing an ID tag… Or leash for that matter!” or “Their dog is
always by their side, and I know his name, so why does he need a tag?”
You never know what is going to happen in life. Something could spook
your pet, catch his attention, or another animal chasing your pet
could cause him or her to start running. Pets can disappear
unexpectedly… sadly, reality is, people even kidnap pets nowadays.
Keeping a collar and an ID tag on your pet at all times with it’s
name, Or at least your name, and number can be LIFE SAVING. Whatever
contact information you feel comfortable putting on there is crucial.
There have been many times I have come across dogs on the street who I
can pretty much tell have a home and have for whatever reason wandered
off, yet there’s no contact information on it’s collar! Microchips are
great, but do not skip the physical I.D. tag. Some people are not
aware of microchips, and even if they are, it is much easier to see
and grab an ID tag yourself than coax the pet into your car, drive it
to a veterinary clinic or shelter, and have it scanned. (Though, if
there are no ID tags, this is the right thing to do for sure) It is so
easy and helpful to put the information right there around their
neck… whether it be on a small plain silver dog tag because you
don’t want your dog to be too flashy….or a pink heart shaped tag
with sparkles on it for those of us who like a little glitter on just
about anything 😉 Some companies can even embroider your info directly
onto the collar. Please don’t skip this step when considering the safety of your pet. Our Santa Barbara and Sonoma pet sitters will recommend a pet ID tag on our visits if we notice they are absent during our pet care because it protects both of us!

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It’s the most wonderful time of year and we all know holiday time
means travel time! Be sure to book your holiday pet sitter(s) for pet
visits or overnights as soon as possible to ensure we can care for
your needs as best as possible.
Establishing a relationship with a well trusted, caring, (not to
mention fully insured when using The Pets Pal!) The Pets Pal pet sitter is one of
the BEST things you can do for your animals. As fun as the holidays
may be, the good times this time of year are often accompanied by a
lot of stress… Boarding your pets in kennels can be extremely
stressful, especially to the more sensitive dogs such as puppies or
older pups. More often than not the same goes for cats. Sometimes
boarding is your only option and in that case there are many reputable pet care
facilities… But nothing beats the comfort of your own home in Santa Barbara! Hiring a
trusting pet sitter to come to your home also doubles as a house
sitter (The Pets Pal Pet Sitters water house plants, takes your garbage and recycle out and brings in your mail!!)
What’s really great about finding a pet sitter you and your
pets adore, is that they are always there for you (upon booking
availability) to step in and take over in a moment’s notice! Once you
find a sitter/walker you like, your pets will establish a bond with
them and they become familiar with your home and your pets’ routine…
Leaving you with the ease and comfort of knowing your animals are in
some of the best caring hands. Definitely beats the stress of
over-crowded, loud, overwhelming dog kennels… And with one-on-one
care in your own home, you are assured that your pet is getting 100%
of the care givers attention.

And with all that being said, please- don’t be shy and Keep up with
our FACEBOOK PAGE! Here we can all connect, share stories, photos–
whatever you want, within the Pets Pal community right here at our
fingertips thanks to the good ol’ internet. Connect with Sunny or even
other sitters. 🙂

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The Great Dog Search

Hey there Pals – Amanda here! Working with Sunny and her enthusiastic crew has been so great for me, because conveniently enough, my family has been busily looking for a dog of our own. I need all the help I can get in choosing one, because it’s been a while since I’ve had a dog. In fact, the last time I owned a dog, I looked like this:

Okay okay, I was dressed up in this picture – it was a Special Day at a camp I worked for as a teenager in Michigan. My beloved Deer Chihuahua Fern sometimes came out and lived with me, and every time she was there we put her to work! On this day, she was tuckered out after a day of acting out her role as Toto – she was a born star!

When it comes to getting an animal for our family – specifically a dog – there are a few decision-making factors for us to consider. In order of importance, they are:

1) Hair vs. Fur – my daughter has a mild dog allergy, which is a perfect excuse for coming up with this condition, when really I just don’t want to be constantly chasing tumbleweeds of fur around the house!

2) Quiet, please! – we understand that sometimes a dog’s gotta say what a dog’s gotta say, but we’d rather not have one that barks incessantly. Is this even a thing?!

3) Must Love Chickens…and one cat – We have day jobs which will allow us to bring our new family member to work with us often, which is fantastic. However, I already have a shop cat, Macy, and she’s an old lazy lady who is very set in her ways and will likely not take too kindly to a dog trying to take over.

Likewise, we have chickens in our back yard, and we spend a lot of time back there! They don’t really love getting chased…or eaten. So a friend suggested that we get a Central Asian Shepherd Puppy since they’re good livestock guardians.

4) Finally, the teenager in the house requests a dog that he can run, bike, and skateboard with.

Phew! I think that’s it!

So tell me – what kind of dog do you think we should get? We are thinking about getting a Central Asian Shepherd Puppy but we’re open to suggestions and would love to hear some personal stories of your own pets and the characteristics that make them special.

Thanks in advance!

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Presents 4 Pets -National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week November 4-10, 2012

The National Association of Professional Pet Sitters and The Pets Pal along with Snoopy’s Cat Sitting our in conjunction with The Humane Society of the United States’ National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week is proud to aannounce our annual collection drive to benefit shelter pet

Abandoned Pets Need Your Help!

You can provide for their comfort by donating:
Toys ~ Treats ~ Food ~ Blankets ~ Towels
Beds ~ Leashes ~ Collars and anything else you possibly can think of!

Donations can be dropped off at:

Cat and Bird Clinic:
101 West Mission Street, Santa Barbara

Yellow Bird Music:
2726 De La Vina, Santa Barbara, CA 93105

Sensational Pets:
3433 State Street, Santa Barbara

Adobe Animal Hospital:
3230 State Street, Santa Barbara

San Vincente Mobile Home Park:
340 Old Mill Road
SANTA BARBARA, CA 93110-1492

Little Dog House:
5758 Hollister Avenue, Goleta

La Cumbre Animal Hospital:                                                                                                            110 South La Cumbre Road, Santa Barbara, CA

La Cumbre Feed Store:                                                                                                                           3652 Calle Real, Santa Barbara, CA

Thank You in advance for your support!


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Wags and Whiskers 2012

To everyone who came out to our booth at Wags and Whiskers this past weekend, I want to personally Thank You! We had a very successful day and couldn’t have asked for more! Throughout the day we were able to … Continue reading

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FLEAS! Dun dun dun…..

It’s summertime & the fleas are THRIVING this year!

If you are seeing your pet itching, scratching, or nibbling on themselves excessively or even just a little more than usual- especially in their hind end/belly region- do not hesitate to suspect that it is probably fleas!

One might be surprised how often we hear at the vet clinic “My pet never gets fleas.” Unless your pet lives in a bubble, there is a GREAT chance that it will pick up fleas at some point if he or she hasn’t already. Unfortunate for us pet owners, fleas LOVE Santa Barbara just as much as everyone else who lives here. They THRIVE here, and they ARE everywhere! The climate allows them to live all year round here in the SB area, their population escalating in the summertime due to the heat & animal activity. Fleas are more common than you may think, & as soon as one hops onto your pet’s back the infestation begins. As long as you keep your pet protected you can ward off the potential disaster they WILL cause you, your pet, and your home.

A flea check can be as simple as running your fingers through your pets fur & examining closely. Fleas are tiny but you will be able to see them. If you don’t see an actual flea running past, be attentive to look for “flea dirt” which is actually flea poop (blood) & flea EGGS! Flea dirt looks like salt & pepper. If your pet is infested, you would see flea dirt in their fur….And if your HOME is infested, you will see flea dirt around the house as well, especially any areas your pet likes to hang out!

Be aware that if your pet has fleas, they are most definitely in your home as well. Infested pets are like flea egg salt shakers. If you have an infestation, start off with the least harmful methods of control. Vacuum as thoroughly as possible, and as often as possible- at least daily for a week. If that doesnt seem to make a significant difference you should get a little more aggressive and reach for the products. Unfortunately, most of these products contain chemicals & pesticides. They are “safe” but I think the best route is to try and get the situation under control in the most environmentally-friendly way possible first. If the fleas are just way too out of hand though, you gotta do what you gotta do. A product I have been successful with in the past is Fleabusters brand “Rx For Fleas Plus Flea Powder” Their website is: www.fleabuster.com . There you will find all of the information regarding the product and also exactly how to apply it. The jist of it is you dust/spread/sweep it all around your house and then vacuum it up. The powder remains in all the cracks & crevices & continues to work & kill off fleas in all of their life stages (egg, larva, pupae & adult fleas). Be sure to treat your home, focusing on where your pets like to hangout and sleep, your bedding, even the under the rugs and couch cushions. If you don’t treat your home, your pet will keep getting re-infested and the cycle may NEVER end!!!

Fleas are nasty. They are bloodsucking parasites who take over your beloved animals bodies & then spread into the comfort of your home & then will even start to feed off of YOU! Fleas can also transmit disease, bacteria, and tapeworms. Gross! Fleas are not just a nusance but are actually detrimental to your pet’s health and over-all wellbeing.

It happens to the best of us though, if not all of us. If your pet gets fleas, it doesn’t make you a bad pet owner. They are all around us in our environment, all the time. All it takes is one jump and that nasty little flea has found it’s feasting and breeding grounds. But there are things that you can do to be a responsible and cautious pet owner & protect your pet from fleas!

There are flea preventative topicals that you can use monthly. They are super easy & most of them work pretty darn well at warding off and killing fleas. Some brands are Advantage, Frontline/Frontline Plus, & Vectra.

There are also flea AND tick combination topicals, such as Advantix and Vectra 3D. These are for DOGS ONLY. There is an ingredient in flea&TICK preventative topicals that is extremely harmful to CATS. If you want to protect your cat, be sure to use the cat version that any of these brands offers. If you have cats & dogs and you wish to use a combination flea&tick topical on your dog(s), you can. Just be sure to keep the dog(s) separate from the cat(s) after the initial application and allow the topical to DRY completely before letting your furry friends mingle together again.

Some cat&dog friends really love each other and like to groom one another. If your cat loves your dog so much that he likes to lick and groom him, it is probably smartest to just play it safe & stick to one of the flea-only preventatives, so as to keep your cat out of harm’s way.

There is also an oral prescription flea-preventative medication available for dogs now through your veterinarian called Comfortis. Ask your vet if Comfortis is right for your dog. I use it with my own dog and it seems to work wonderfully! It is given once a month with a meal. Super easy. Some dogs will get an upset stomach when taking it but it is worth a shot to give it a one-time trial to see if it works for your dog.

Nip the issue in the bud BEFORE it becomes a real problem. Please keep your pets protected against fleas all year long! It’s better for everyone that way- the animal, the owner, AND the pet sitter 🙂

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News You Can Use!

The summer time is sure to bring lots of busy pet owners with travel plans and lots of need for reliable pet sitting, that is a fact! This summer has been one of the best for The Pets Pals’ with numerous repeat clients, out of town vacationers and new pets always on the horizon! As always The Pets Pal tries to strive to be Santa Barbara’s premier pet sitting service, however we do run into challenging situations all the time!

Here our three wonderful steps we are insuring to be able to provide
you and your furry families safe visits!


CA!! Home Policy

1) The Pets Pal now requires a call home policy. This mandatory policy enforces, you, the owner to phone or text your pet sitter informing them that you have made it home on your scheduled arrival safely. Your Pet Sitter will be waiting for your reply eagerly. If you forget to call or text, The Pets Pal will continue visits to your home with additional visit costs. It is in our best interest to keep you and your pets safe!

Hide A Key

2) The Pets Pal is always careful with your home keys, however there are times us to make
mistakes and get locked out! We are insured and can cover all fees included with locksmith costs but as extra precaution we require a backup key on file or in a safe hide a place on your property. Key retention forms must be filled out prior to all pet sitting reservations.

Poison Warning!!
3) Last and definitely not least ….One of our very own pet sitters had a very close call with one of their pets. During a summer vacation to their families home, there puppy got into RAT Poison!
Our poor staff member almost lost their best friend. Please owners be very aware of what you have laying around your home. Dogs are like little vacuums and are eagerly awaiting any small snack. Luckily after several blood transfusions and lots of vet care they were able to take home there “best friend”.  We are asking all our clients to please take a walk around your home and puppy proof! You can never be to careful with the care of your pets. If you notice your dog acting lethargic, immediately exam there gums. If the dog has pale to white gums please rush your dog to urgent care. This is an emergency!

Thank You for reading our blog and please subscribe to our blog feed to be updated on our important messages about your pets!

Wet Nose Kisses!

Sunny Adams

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