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The summer time is sure to bring lots of busy pet owners with travel plans and lots of need for reliable pet sitting, that is a fact! This summer has been one of the best for The Pets Pals’ with numerous repeat clients, out of town vacationers and new pets always on the horizon! As always The Pets Pal tries to strive to be Santa Barbara’s premier pet sitting service, however we do run into challenging situations all the time!

Here our three wonderful steps we are insuring to be able to provide
you and your furry families safe visits!


CA!! Home Policy

1) The Pets Pal now requires a call home policy. This mandatory policy enforces, you, the owner to phone or text your pet sitter informing them that you have made it home on your scheduled arrival safely. Your Pet Sitter will be waiting for your reply eagerly. If you forget to call or text, The Pets Pal will continue visits to your home with additional visit costs. It is in our best interest to keep you and your pets safe!

Hide A Key

2) The Pets Pal is always careful with your home keys, however there are times us to make
mistakes and get locked out! We are insured and can cover all fees included with locksmith costs but as extra precaution we require a backup key on file or in a safe hide a place on your property. Key retention forms must be filled out prior to all pet sitting reservations.

Poison Warning!!
3) Last and definitely not least ….One of our very own pet sitters had a very close call with one of their pets. During a summer vacation to their families home, there puppy got into RAT Poison!
Our poor staff member almost lost their best friend. Please owners be very aware of what you have laying around your home. Dogs are like little vacuums and are eagerly awaiting any small snack. Luckily after several blood transfusions and lots of vet care they were able to take home there “best friend”.  We are asking all our clients to please take a walk around your home and puppy proof! You can never be to careful with the care of your pets. If you notice your dog acting lethargic, immediately exam there gums. If the dog has pale to white gums please rush your dog to urgent care. This is an emergency!

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Wet Nose Kisses!

Sunny Adams

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