Have U considered fostering latley?

HomeBanner_4-0001As hard as it may be for us animal lovers to address this topic, it is one that could be easier to shed light on than most may think. . . . Please try not to let the statistics sadden you too much. Instead, read on- and see how there IS a Solution, these numbers can be brought down.couch

   7.2 million companion animals enter shelters nationwide each year. Approximately 3.9 million of those animals are dogs, and 3.4 million are cats. Each year, 2.7 million of those animals are euthanized, solely because they can’t find homes or families to call their own.

   Of course, the best case scenario would be for each and every animal to find it’s loving forever home. All of us pet lovers know how it feels to wish we could help. “If only I had the room in my home,” or “I would rescue all the dogs I could if I could afford to have more pets.” You don’t have to commit to adopting a new family member. You do not have to create more room in your home..permanently, that is. Realistically, this horrific issue could actually be resolved quite easily.
….what? Easy? What could possibly be easy about saving 7.6 million animals every year?
Before adopting, there is Fostering. Foster a pet and create a WORLD of a difference.
   It’s as easy as dog sitting a friend’s pet, only the deed done is even greater. You don’t have to commit to getting another dog or more cats to contribute to saving lives and lessening the numbers of homeless animals. Many pets are euthanized for the sole reason that there is no room at the shelter. So where else could they go? That’s where we the people, we the public, we the true animal lovers and the care givers need to step in.
  If you have managing your animals under control, why not take another in dire need under your wing for a few  days, weeks or months? Maybe you have a single dog who gets along great with other dogs and could use the “extended play date”- or maybe you have a dog who isn’t very dog friendly but you DO have the room in your home to keep them separated…! If you can and are willing and able, why hesitate? Step up and act now.  And if you are ready to help but could use an extra hand doing so… We The Pets Pal’s are here for when you and your own animals are in need; of course we could provide the same care/help for the pet you are fostering! Maybe you have the accommodations to foster but not quite enough time for more animals than your own? As our website states we are available for walking, overnights, pet taxi, administering medication…! Whatever it takes, animal care is our area of expertise. But it doesn’t take an expert to be able to temporarily foster a pet.masthead_image3_1368655682
    For a real-time example, I personally follow a New York City animal shelter facebook page- Second Chance Rescue- and too often they post photos of adorable, healthy, happy dogs who are on the euthanasia list for the next day – Not only because they have yet to be adopted or were surrendered, but EVEN MORE SO because they were not fortunate enough to have a Foster home to extend their time and chance at life. [I use a dog shelter as example, but don’t forget the kitties too!] In a lot of cases the shelter is even able to help with the cost of the care of the animal; They just need help with providing the animal the shelter, care and daily TLC <3
   How wonderful it would be to bring down the yearly euthanasia numbers by HALF, a THIRD… Even a QUARTER. Yes, some people may find themselves concerned that bringing a new animal into the home might rock the boat a little bit, put a dent in your families daily routine… But think of the greater good that would be accomplished. It is totally real, and completely realistic! If more people made fostering a part of their lives the numbers WOULD really drop. YOU can save lives by taking dog(s) or cat(s) off of the Euth list and into your home.. Giving them that little bit of extra time to find their adopters. Imagine that. Sometimes  just a few extra days could amount to a lifetime. Not only could you save lives but Relieve these animals of the [sometimes] stressful environments of the shelter. Some can handle it better than others, and we know most caring shelters are doing the best that they can. But some dogs/cats take so terribly to the shelter environment. Having a quiet loving home could save them their sanity and temperament, which only leads to a better chance of being adopted.
   As stated before, we are willing to help YOU help the WORLD. Because that is exactly what fostering does- makes a WORLD of a difference for an animal in need.HomeBanner_4-0001
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